Since the first day Remivac has been devoted to the principal of keeping customer satisfaction to the highest level. Today this still remains as our primary principal.

With all the products we sell and the 24/7 technical support that we provide as standard our goal is to satisfy needs of our customers above anything else.

As Remivac we provide import, marketing, service, installation/assembly, training, software and hardware service to all our products through our offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana and service stations in Gaziantep, Diyarbakir, and Antalya. The long term relationships that we have established with our customers is the proof of this.

Our company is dedicated to providing the latest technology to our customers and we will continue to make the necessary investments to our technical team and products/spare parts. 

Our History

REMIVAC was established by Mr. İbrahim Yılmaz Poda in 1968 by taking over Remington Rand Turkey’s commercial activities which was established in 1956 to sell and provide technical support for Remington Type Writers and Univac IT systems. 

Since the time we were established we have been providing service to leading organizations of Turkey in health, banking, industry, commercial, and public firms of Turkey.  .

REMIVAC’s Products

  • .We provide sales and technical support throughout Turkey for all our products under ISO9001 certification since 2009:
  • .Oracle/Sun/Storagetek data storage systems,
  • .Eaton, Phoenixtec uninterruptable power supplies,
  • .Panasonic, Fiamm, Hoppecke Batteries,
  • .Olivetti Pass book printers,
  • .Arca check systems,