Marin and Industrial

Marin and Industrial Solutions

  • 9PHD series industrial UPS are specially designed with enhanced protections and reliability to work at non ideal industrial settings.
  • IP22 and IP54 protection level options allow devices to work in challenging conditions without problems.
  • Thies UPS’s have 30 to 200kW power selection and are the most sutiable powers supplies to work in difficult.
  • 93 PS 20 and 40 kW hot swap options.

Genral Properties

  • Protection against water
  • Protection against dust and dirt
  • Protection againts working in dust and tougf conditions
  • Frame with seismic protection
  • Desing to suit diffrent main leves
  • Built in accordence to mairin certificates and conditions
  • Flexablity in customizing the product and ablity to develop products according to the project
  • Eease of conection and servicing in difficuit conditions