Patentli teknolojiler

Patented Technologies

  • Advance Battery Management ABM®
  • Increases the expected life of the batteries
  • All parameters can be configured
  • Float charge can be selected
  • Automatic battery test can be canceled

Variable Module Management System - VMMS ®

  • VMMS manages the modules according to the load and increases the efficiency
  • Optimized for 50% load
  • All of the modules wait as synchronized and ready to work

Easy Capacity Test -  ECT®

  • Allows for the test of the UPS and batteries without needing a load bank
  • Energy is feed back to the mains through the static bypass
  • All energy ways are tested including the By-pass
  • Limits energy losses to %10

Hot-Sync Parallel Technology – Hot-Sync®

  • Even if the connection is interrupted UPS’s will continue to work in parallel
  • Removes the risk of being connected from one point
  • Makes parallel systems safer